What's Wrong With This Bathroom?What's Wrong With This Bathroom?Let's play “What's wrong with this bathroom?” — the game show where you can win a free consultation to evaluate how Accessible Solutions can fix it! This remodeling project was meant to be an accessible bathroom, which was renovated by a firm who said they knew accessibility. This just goes to show that there are a lot of businesses out there that don't know what they're doing when it comes to handicap accessible bathrooms, and that's a reason to trust the experts!

The shower seat is right under the mixing valve and personal shower — so a disabled person sitting down on that shower seat would hit their head on the mixing valve, but other than that would have to stand up to turn the water on/off — ugh! The personal shower on a slide arm is placed incorrectly — note it is behind them and over their head — which is not suited for proper personal use. That’s why you see their fold up padded seat being unused because they had to go out and buy a self-standing shower seat to try to use this shower. Their shower walls were thin and flimsy — when you touched the walls they actually moved, and the water barrier on the bottom was so flimsy water still ran out and ruined her floor. What an expensive disappointing experience.

Their sink was mounted too low for someone in a wheelchair to roll under — it did not meet ADA standards — and as it was deep and could not be rolled under, a client in a wheelchair couldn't reach the faucet handle!This is proof that when a job is not done with the right products and by the right company, it all must be redone.

What's Wrong With This Bathroom?What's Wrong With This Bathroom?Now let's see it done right! An ADA vanity at the proper height for wheelchair use in whitewashed maple with a granite blend top — with no pipes showing. Beautiful, isn’t it? These are custom-made in your choice of poplar, maple, oak, hickory, alder or cherry in your choice of finishes, complemented by a beautiful solid surface or granite blend top in over 50 different colors.

This shower has a dual shower head configuration, so the family can use the fixed shower head, and someone physically challenged can sit right down and control their own personal shower head — right from their bamboo seat. Our client today responded, “Everything is just perfect!” finally... courtesy of Accessible Solutions.

This goes to show that you can only trust the experts — and that's Accessible Solutions!

Have you ever had a fraudulent disability contractor renovate your bathroom incorrectly? If so, please contact us to find out how we can rectify the situation by doing the job right!

Accessible Solutions, a division of Wood Wise Construction Inc,has been in business since 1978, and since 1984 has been helping the disabled and elderly renovate their homes to be ADA compliant for handicap accessibility. We specialize in bathroom remodeling, using Bestbath barrier-free showers, which are the best in the industry for the needs of the disabled.

What's Wrong With This Bathroom?What's Wrong With This Bathroom?

The company now known as Bestbath was originally founded in 1969 under the name of Component Structures, Inc., which produced industry standard bathing products inclusive of bathtubs and other bathroom fixtures for new home construction. An ambitious plant manager named Gary Multahen rose to the role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and 10 years later, purchased the company and renamed it to Bestbath. The company is the industry leader of design and manufacturing techniques of bathing solutions for people of all ages and abilities.

Accessible Solutions, a division of Woodwise Construction, Inc., has been a premier partner of Bestbath since 1994, specializing in the long-term “Aging in Place” benefits of bathroom renovations. Debbie Chesbrough, Treasurer, said “If you're going to spend $25,000 now, why have to change it later?” She explained that the company can install a new Barrier Free / ADA Shower with a Threshold, and even put glass doors on it, and it looks and costs the same as a normal bathroom shower renovation — but the difference is that as the homeowners get older or if they have an accident, they can have the threshold and glass doors removed, and it's conveniently ready for use.

Multahen's epiphany for these products came one day in the early 1980s, when Gary was visiting his aging mother who had struggled to get in and out of her shower for years, and felt at risk of slipping and falling when stepping over the tub. Gary knew his team could fix her problem, so the company developed the multi-piece tub replacement barrier-free shower in 1993 that is now sold by 500 retail and installation partners across North America.

The company now known as Accessible Solutions, founded by Jim and Debbie Chesbrough in 1984 under the name Woodwise Construction, Inc, is one of those 500 companies that has renovated bathrooms using this new technology, hard at work convincing others of the vision of Bestbath. Today, their products are found in homes, universities, and corporate campuses in every US state and Canadian province. Because of their hard work, tens of thousands of happy customers are enjoying safer bathing experiences that are designed with the utmost attention to detail, without having that 'hospital look and feel'.

The two companies haven't wavered on their commitment to innovation and the affluence of their designs, leaving every customer with the utmost gratification in their purchase, no matter their age or ability. Bestbath is recognized as the industry leader in accessible bathrooms, and Accessible Solutions is recognized as the #1 premier Bestbath installer, serving Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine,a and the Chesbroughs even ship Bestbath products to other installers, all throughout the United States, and provide training to anyone that would like to learn how to install the high quality composite baths and showers.

We've summarized the top reasons of why you should choose Bestbath and Accessible Solutions for your bathroom renovation project:

  1. Custom design your shower piece with choices of color, tile design, shape, and fitting of your existing shower space or based on your specifications for a new construction project. All Bestbath products are designed and manufactured in the United States in Caldwell, Idaho — which means you'll be supporting American jobs, which helps to stimulate the domestic economy.
  2. Bestbath's walk-in bathtub reinforced products come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty that is extended to the original customer for as long as they live in the home that the product is installed in. The value of your bathroom will appreciate by approximately 110% if you sell it later, but most customers are investing into the long-term usefulness of their bathroom when they choose Bestbath.
  3. Accessible Solutions is a full-service home accessibility renovator and unrestricted general contractor, offering dozens of different financing options, including a 0% loan with no repayments unless you sell the property if you live in Massachusetts and meet the eligibility requirements.


There's never a better time than now to purchase a Bestbath bathroom renovation, because Bestbath stands the value of time, regardless of your age or ability.


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