Wheelchair Accessible Showers in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine


Accessible Solutions can place a new wheelchair accessible shower in your home, that will allow you to enjoy your bathroom free of any barrier that would normally keep you from bathing with a physical disability. We are residential disability remodeling experts serving Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire, and Southern Maine. We believe that you shouldn't be limited because you are handicapped. We renovate bathrooms so they are easily navigated with wheelchairs, giving you peace of mind you won't obtain from anywhere else.

The installation of an accessible shower stall that you can walk into using a walker or access with a wheelchair will change your perspective on aging. The lack of accessible features of a traditional shower present difficulty for seniors, and the solution is to establish a universal shower with a threshold that keeps the water from escaping the drains, and we can even position grab bars and other accessories that are available. The lavatory that you have been used to is what we call the way of the past because they were designed in another time period.

Check out the photos in our photo gallery today for ideas of how we can renovate your wheelchair accessible shower. We strive for the day that your facilities are the best on the planet, and your standard of living is exceptional because of your new restroom. We can provide you with a free quote and estimate of how long it will take us to renovate your wheelchair accessible shower. Contact us today to find out more about our services, and what financial assistance is available for your project. In Massachusetts, we can often get the customer a 0% APR loan that doesn't need to be repaid unless your home sells.

ADA Compliant Showers in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine

Accessible Solutions also installs ADA compliant showers that make the best of your bathroom. Trust our mobility design expertise to convert an old bathtub to a barrier-free shower that you or your family can enjoy. We understand the challenges that the elderly and disabled experience without a handicap accessible shower. Our solutions provide independence for those with disabilities. Old tubs are not safe, because they can lead to slips and falls. With ADA compliant showers that are curbless, you can roll your wheelchair right into the shower. We can position a seat that is painless to get onto, and all of our showers are made in the USA.

With any of our showers, you can choose tile options that fit in with what is already in your bathroom, or we can redesign your bath completely. The showers all include a gel coat finish that you can customize to your bathroom's aesthetics. All of our ADA products and our work is up to code, and the cost is comparable to what you would spend on a normal bathroom renovation. Now is the time to allow our great team of experts to create a bathroom that is perfect for your wishes. We can renovate all building types, including residential homes, or a hotel, or commercial properties.

Wheelchair Accessible Tubs in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine

Accessible Solutions installs industrial grade wheelchair accessible bathtubs that have accessibility in mind. These tubs take a different approach and satisfy the wishes of individuals that need assistance replacing their existing non-accessible tubs. Wheelchair accessible tubs are comfortable to sit in and are easily getting into and out of for anyone with a disability. Options include air jets and water jets that soothe the back and neck as well as the legs.

You don't have to worry about getting the bathtub to your residence if we install it for you - just make a selection of a model that suits your needs and price range, and we will order it. There is a service compartment where all of the typical equipment is housed. We will maintain all of the systems in the accessible bathtub; we are very familiar with these units, and we have been servicing them for a long time. You have the choice of where to house the tub - we can use recessing to blend the unit within the area of your bath.

Wheelchair accessible tubs are a must-buy, as is a wheelchair accessible shower. If you have a disability and are in the market for a handicap accessible shower or tub, please contact us today to learn more about our services. We've been in business since 1978, helping people like you achieve greater accessibility. We're confident that we can provide you with a bathroom of your dreams!