Handicapped Accessible Construction in Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire, and Southern Maine


Making your home handicap accessible is our number one priority. Our remodeling design principles are based on improving the accessibility based on the building requirements of disabled persons. Our builders can make facilities wheelchair accessible with ADA compliant ramps that reach parking areas. The state of the aging population brings special regulations to ensure they can access buildings, and businesses must meet these standards due to Federal law. Americans with disabilities must be able to access these public spaces, which requires that they are constructed to meet the needs of the handicapped.

Construction designs must meet building code in order to have permits granted. The company constructing the structure must pass inspection rules, and our 42 years of experience in the industry is the reason why you can trust that we aren't a new contractor that is still learning city codes and handicapped construction techniques. We've made improvements to homes and commercial properties at hundreds of construction sites that we've designed and built. Compliance with disability guidelines is easy when you've been providing the services in business since 1978. Every home that we make handicap accessible through handicap accessible construction techniques meets the development needs of the families assisting and the handicapped individuals that physically need the adapted facility.

Accessible Solutions provides a specific alteration, or improvement of building standards, through universal design. Every place we provide handicapped construction services is custom designed and free of defects by the time we leave the site. We make locations that every individual, including the elderly and disabled, can access without barriers to entry. We also provide renovation services, such as widening doorways, installing ramps, and handicapped-accessible bathroom construction. We can make any home comply with handicap rights at a cost that the owners can afford, even if you are renting. Repairs to an existing space, such as the installation of barrier-free showers can provide full mobility in an existing dwelling.